A Classmate’s Project That I Particularly Loved

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I really loved this piece because it felt so real. Of course, i don’t mean “real” in the literal sense but in a truthful sense. While it was supposed to be in the “Make a Garden. No Flowers.” category, she said she was leaning between that and the memories of a first home. This really struck me. I love this piece because these are pieces of a home. It incorporates the smells, incorporates things about her mother. The key is such a precious object and the ribbon has such a good texture that everyone knows. The butterfly makes me think of lighter times when we were so fragile and innocent. Thats why I loved this piece.


Memories of a First House…

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Here is my work for the prompt, Build a Fragment of Memories of a First House.

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I particularly loved this project because it really let us dig into what was really at our cores. For me, this prompt took me on a journey through the memories I had as a child in my first house, which incidentally is still the house my mom lives in today.

I love that house. To be quite honest, its kind of lacking in sensibility. It has a maze-like quality that I personally enjoy, but seems to confuse others. The house looks small from the front, but once inside, it just keeps on going back, and back, and back even further. Every room is different. When I was a child, this house was my entire world. I went on so many voyages to distant lands, fought ferocious battles and created intricate microcosms with my toys and dollhouses. This is where I drew my inspiration for this piece.

When I initially began, I wanted to draw the framework of my house and draw individual memories inside of each room. However, this seemed much too simple for my tastes. I always try to do something complicated or intricate because I know I’ll enjoy the satisfaction of the finished product even more if I do that…however, I tend to forget all the extra work (AND TIME!) it requires along the way.

Anyway, what I decided to do was use tracing paper to draw the framework of my house on–like a blueprint. Then I would have the blueprint of my house and draw meandering images in and out of each room of the house. I wanted it to be so full of images and colors that you would be unable to tell any semblance of a house when initially looking at it. It was only when you laid the tracing paper blueprint on top of the drawing that you were able to see that it was a house full of memories.

Things changed only slightly along the way. When creating the piece, I found that I didn’t have any tracing paper. So I cut out page protectors instead and taped them together. The actual drawing of memories in each room came next. This was more fun. I went home to do this part and sat in each room as i drew images of imaginative games I played there. The hardest part was probably drawing the meandering lines and designs in between all of the pictures. This was what I felt really made the piece as beautiful as it was. This took HOURS to do.

One problem I encountered was not knowing what designs and lines to draw in between the pictures. I didn’t want to draw the same designs over and over again. I went onto stumbleupon.com and looked at different patterns other artists used a lot in their works, and piggybacked on them stylistically.

The coloring was the fun part. Once I started filling in all those lines, thats when everything really started to POP! It worked almost exactly as I wanted it to.

I really wanted to portray the idea of a house of empty rooms being separate from a memories within a house being separate from memories filling the rooms of a house. Each is so distinctly different to me. I think in the end, I was able to accomplish this as well as I had hoped.

Vague and Perplexing Prompt

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On Feb. 22, 2011 Tuesday,  we were given a sheet of paper with 6 prompts. We pick one and do our project on that. I’m brainstorming on a few of the prompts for now to help me get some ideas on what I’d like to do.

  • Invent a device that enables you to manufacture ghosts. No sheets!

When I think of ghosts, I think of fire and smoke. I think of whispiness. For instance, right when you blow out a candle, the smoke from the wick gently drifts upward, lilting slowly like ribbons. I always felt like the breeze and the wind were spirits wrapping around me and coursing through me. I imagine touching a ghost would feel like placing your hand gently into cool water. Like satin.

  • Make a sculpture that will enable you to fly.

This prompt depends highly on how one would determine “flying”.

This could be literal….soaring through the sky hundreds of feet in the air. It could mean having wings to carry you. It could mean strapping yourself to a kite and letting the wind take you away. Or it could mean flying in a very different sense. It could mean making your heart fly out of your chest, it could mean making your spirit “soar”. So in that sense, my piece for this prompt could be of the person I love most in the world 🙂

  • Build a fragment that contains your memories of a first house.

My house is my only house. It’s the first house I lived in. This reminds me of a song by Miranda Lambert, called “The House That Built Me”. That’s how I feel about my house. The House That Built Me

Thoughts on Still-Life Assignment

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Rough drawings of crazy still life

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I really like this assignment so far because its strange that it’s just the spaces filled in between, yet its very apparent what is being drawn, or what it is becoming. It like the image is emerging from the space between.

In this rough drawing, we were given different sized papers. Some were regular size pages while others were small squares. I noticed the small ones disappeared very quickly. After this was brought to our attention we were asked why we thought this was. Smaller size paper feels less important. Its more manageable, it doesn’t feel as overwhelming as that big giant paper that we drew the chairs on.

I really thought it was interesting how people saw a specific thing in a drawing/sketch but the drawer didn’t intend it that way at all. They meant something totally different from what a certain viewer interpreted from it.

Crazy Still Life Drawing!

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